Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

5 Reasons Your Dentist May Prescribe A Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cosmetic and restorative application that covers the exposed portion of a tooth. The crown can be made of various materials, such as stainless steel, resin, porcelain or metal alloy. Here are several instances in which your dentist may prescribe a dental crown:

Cosmetic Enhancement

If a tooth is misshapen, a dental crown can be constructed to cover it and correct its appearance. The crown can also be used to conceal the discoloration of a tooth.

Cracked Tooth

If your tooth has been cracked by trauma, your dentist needs to treat it quickly. A prolonged delay in treatment could result in the crack extending into the root of your tooth. Once that happens, your tooth will likely have to be extracted.

In addition, a crack can allow oral bacteria access to the interior pulp of the tooth. A serious infection could ensue, and the tooth could require a root canal or have to be pulled.

If your tooth is cracked, your dentist will verify the extent of the crack by taking a dental x-ray. If the crack is not too extensive, a crown may be applied to offer structural support and prevent further damage to the tooth.

Broken Tooth

If your tooth is broken, the broken piece cannot be reattached to the existing tooth. A dental crown will protect the broken area from bacterial invasion and restore the appearance and functionality of the tooth.

Dental Bridge Support

A dental bridge, which is usually comprised of two crowns and one or more false teeth, is used to replace missing teeth. The crowns are located at each end of the bridge and are placed over existing teeth to stabilize the bridge. The false teeth are suspended in the center.

Dental Implant

After the screw of a dental implant has been installed in your jawbone, an abutment is added so the implant can be covered by a crown. The crown lessens the chance of the implant becoming infected. It also creates the look and functionality of a natural tooth.

A dental crown may be prescribed for a variety of dental issues. The resulting dental restoration protects the underlying tooth and corrects cosmetic issues. Your dentist may offer you several different crown options depending on the functionality and location of the tooth that requires treatment. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, schedule a dental consultation (at offices like Picone Dental - Vincent J Picone DDS) to have it restored.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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