Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

5 Ways Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

If you are missing teeth, this can have a negative impact on your life. You may not feel as confident as you should and may avoid taking on new challenges. One way to help you restore these teeth is by getting dental implants. This is a process that can dramatically improve many areas of your life and knowing where you can expect to see improvement may motivate you to begin the process.

What are Dental Implants?

These are artificial roots that are placed surgically into the jawbone with a titanium post. This will then allow the crown or bridge to be created that will work to restore the missing teeth.

Eating Better

Have you ever noticed that some of the best foods for you are the most difficult to chew? Restoring your teeth with dental implants will allow you to eat nutritious foods that you may have had difficulty eating.

Some of these include apples, broccoli, pears and lean meats just to name a few.

Natural Appearance

Dental implants look like your own teeth. This makes it difficult for others to even recognize the difference between your implants and natural teeth. These will fit naturally into your mouth and will function like your original teeth.

Long Lasting

One of the many advantages of dental implants to most people is the fact these are extremely durable. Studies show that this type of implants may last up to ten years and in many cases, much longer than this.

If you properly care for your dental implants, you shouldn't have any problem with these over a long period.

Reduce Sagging

Have you ever noticed that people who have missing teeth tend to have more sagginess or a sunken in look? This is because when teeth are gone, this can cause the face to cave in and appear this way.

By getting dental implants, you can retain the shape of your face and improve your smile at the same time.

Stop Shifting

When teeth are missing, this can cause the other teeth to shift out of place. These teeth are working to fill in the gap by constantly moving to do so. This can cause problems with your existing teeth, and you can stop this from happening by getting dental implants.

Finally, change your attitude and improve your life with the assistance of dental implants. Be sure to rely on your dentist who can help you achieve your goals with ease.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

I love horses, and my family has kept them for years. One day, I was getting onto the saddle of my favorite horse, and I had a bad accident. My foot slipped as I was getting on her, and I fell. Thankfully, I didn't suffer any major injuries other than a tooth that was knocked out of my mouth. I had a great friend who helped me save it. She rinsed the tooth off in milk, and she had me hold it in my mouth after that until we arrived at the emergency dentist. He was able to stick it right back in! He placed a temporary splint in my mouth to keep the tooth in place until it healed. I am happy to say my tooth is perfect now! I created this blog let others know they can save a tooth that is knocked out if they act fast!


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