Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

Illnesses Your Dentist May Help Diagnose

Your mouth can present signs of various systemic conditions. As a result, your dentist may be the first provider to help diagnose your illness. Here are a few conditions that the state of your mouth may help diagnose. Blood Sugar Problems People with diabetes may suffer from multiple dental health concerns, including periodontal disease and dental decay. For diabetic patients with uncontrolled blood sugar, the gums may become inflamed.  In order for your gums to remain in good condition, they need a healthy supply of oxygenated blood. Read More 

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

I love horses, and my family has kept them for years. One day, I was getting onto the saddle of my favorite horse, and I had a bad accident. My foot slipped as I was getting on her, and I fell. Thankfully, I didn't suffer any major injuries other than a tooth that was knocked out of my mouth. I had a great friend who helped me save it. She rinsed the tooth off in milk, and she had me hold it in my mouth after that until we arrived at the emergency dentist. He was able to stick it right back in! He placed a temporary splint in my mouth to keep the tooth in place until it healed. I am happy to say my tooth is perfect now! I created this blog let others know they can save a tooth that is knocked out if they act fast!

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