Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

How To Deal With Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is one of the most common issues associated with one's oral health. If you find it difficult to produce saliva or you consistently suffer from a dry throat, then chances are, you suffer from chronic dry mouth. Luckily, there are ways to deal with dry mouth. If your issues with dry mouth persist, it is highly recommended that you seek out the services of a professional dentist as soon as possible.

Hydration Issues

One of the most common causes of dry mouth is dehydration. If you notice that your mouth has a bit of difficulty producing saliva, try hydrating yourself. Making sure you get enough water a day will help stimulate your saliva glands and ensure that you won't have dry mouth throughout the day. Some medications have been known to cause dry mouth. Making sure that you have a steady supply of water on you throughout your day is a good way to counteract this temporary onset dry mouth. Make sure that you curb your intake of beverages with caffeine in them, as they are diuretics, or foodstuffs that will cause you to lose fluids.

Oral Health

You can control the symptoms associated with dry mouth by practicing good oral hygiene. An excessive amount of bacteria in your mouth can lead to dry mouth, so it is important that you rid yourself of that bacteria by brushing and flossing several times a day, preferably once after every meal. It is also recommended that you avoid sugars in excess, as foodstuffs with an excessive sugar content can promote bacteria growth and, as such, dry mouth. Use OTC oral rinses without alcohol, as alcohol can also serve to dry out your gums and slow down the process of saliva growth.

Visit a Dentist

If chronic dry mouth plagues you, visit a dentist as soon as you can. It is recommended that you discuss your full medical history with your dentist, as dry mouth could be a symptom of a much larger, systemic issue. For example, dry mouth can be a sign that you are suffering from a disease such as Sjorgen's syndrome, Sicca syndrome, Parkinson's disease, or diabetes. Your dentist can also discuss other remedies that might benefit you and alleviate the annoyance and particular pain associated with dry mouth.

Dry mouth can be a deeply annoying issue to deal with. Luckily, there are ways in which you can cope with dry mouth and promote healthy saliva growth. To learn more, contact a dentist like Maria E Marzo, D.D.S., PC

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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