Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

Options To Consider When You Have Permanent Tooth Loss

Whether you have one missing tooth, or you need a full set of dentures, you have options. With the development of implant technology, you can have missing teeth replaced. You can also have attachment points placed into your jaw for dentures, so that you don't have to rely on denture creams to keep the dentures in your mouth. If your dentist wants to create a bridge, this can now be secured using titanium implants instead of securing the bridge to nearby teeth. Whatever your tooth restoration needs are, your dentist has a variety of methods available to assist you. When you are ready to restore your smile, it's time to sit down with your dentist and make a plan.

How a Missing Tooth Is Replaced

Implant technology is used to create a natural looking tooth in your mouth where one is missing. A small titanium rod is implanted into your jaw, where it becomes permanently fixed in your jaw. A crown is then made out of synthetic materials, and this crown is secured to the top of the rod. This creates a tooth that feels normal and doesn't require any special care while it's in your mouth. An implanted tooth is expected to be permanent, although there can be complications if the implant fails. Your dentist may avoid implants if you are a smoker or are not in good enough health.

Bridges to Replace Several Teeth

A dental bridge replaces more than one tooth, and it is used to give you a full set of teeth. Traditional bridge methods include building the small group of false teeth and adhering the teeth on either end to the tooth nearest the open space. While this is effective at restoring your smile, this can also cause problems with the attachment site. The tooth can be more susceptible to decay, as the wire used to attach a bridge to it can be abrasive. Bridges can now be created using implant technology, and the bridge can be secured to your mouth using titanium rods so that nearby teeth are not disturbed.

Keeping Full Dentures in Your Mouth

One of the bigger issues people that wear dentures complain about is the fact that they can slip around. While you can try out denture adhesives, some people have chosen to use titanium implants as attachment points for their dentures. This makes for a more secure fit and allows individuals to lead a more active life without worrying about their dentures.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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