Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

Be Careful With Your Temporary Dental Crown

If you need a dental crown and want the most realistic looking artificial tooth, a porcelain one is the best choice. However, this requires a laboratory to create the personalized fit and genuine appearance. While you wait for the permanent crown, a temporary acrylic one will be secured over your tooth. Your dentist will likely inform you to be careful with the crown. Keep reading to learn why and to also find out what you should do when being gentle with the device.

Why Do You Need To Be Gentle?

You need to be gentle with your temporary crown for several reasons. The crown is made from an acrylic material, and acrylic is far more fragile than enamel or porcelain. The acrylic is basically a shell made out of synthetic plastic that is secured over your tooth. While the shell is hard, it can be cracked, especially if it is placed over one of your premolars or molars that retain the most bite stress.

Also, you need to be careful due to the way the temporary crown is secured to your tooth. Since the device is temporary and will be replaced in the future, a temporary cement or adhesive is utilized. Since the acrylic crown needs to be removed when your permanent restoration comes in from the dental laboratory, the cement must be easy release after setting. This means that you can inadvertently force the cement to break free from your tooth if you place too much pressure on the crown. Even if you do not break the crown away from the tooth completely, you may break the seal created between the crown and the tooth. Bacteria and debris can then work their way under the device.

How Can You Be Gentle With Your Crown?

If you want to be gentle on your temporary crown so it stays in place, then there are a few simple things you can do. You should avoid using the crowned tooth to bite and chew. Move food to the opposite side of the mouth instead as you eat. Also, avoid hard foods like pretzels and tough foods like steak until you receive your permanent crown.

When it comes to cleaning around the crown, you should floss. However, you should not try to force the floss string on the sides of the crown. The floss may pull on the cap and pull it loose from your tooth. You should string the floss through the gap between your teeth. Using a floss pic or an interproximal flosser can help and so can a water flosser. Gentle brushing around the sides of the crown can help to keep it secure as well. 

Your family dentist can give you more care suggestions. 

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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