Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

3 Differences You Can Expect With A Dentist Who Offers Both Family And Cosmetic Treatment

Even though most dental practitioners offer either one form of specialized service or the other, there are an elite few who have the skills and training to offer more than one specialty to their patients. It is especially common to see a family dentist who also offers cosmetic dentistry services, such as dental implants and veneers. If you have only ever visited one type of dentist or the other, you may be wondering how things will be different. Take a look at three primary differences you will see when you visit a dentist who offers both family and cosmetic dentistry

There will be a wider range of patient ages treated at the dentist's office. 

If you visit a dentist who offers both family dental care and cosmetic treatments, you can almost guarantee that their waiting room will be filled with patients of all ages. Family dentists commonly treat patients as young as toddlers and adults alike. However, with the additional service offering of cosmetic dentistry, more people from every age group will find what they need from that specific provider. 

You will see your dental treatment completed at one place, which can save you time. 

Normally, if you visit a family dentist because you have a chipped tooth, for example, and the dentist determines that a veneer would be the best option to cover the damage, they would refer you to see a cosmetic dentist who can help. This process of referring patients can mean longer wait times to get your problems treated because you could end up with several appointments between two different providers just to get the work done. With a dentist that offers the dual specialty of family and cosmetic treatment, everything is more likely to be accomplished in one appointment. 

You could save money on the treatments you need. 

Because family dentists focus on all basic aspects of dental care and cosmetic dentists offer the extended, more modern treatment forms to help you achieve a perfected smile, all you need will be offered at the same place. This means everything from your x-rays and cleaning appointments to teeth whitening and implants will be made available at the same place. While normally you would have to pay office fees for treatment at more than one place, you will only have one bill if you find a dentist that offers both, which can definitely save you some money overall.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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