Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

Understanding Laser Dentistry Limitations

If you have even a passing interest in dentistry, and everyone should, then you have probably heard about the benefits of laser dentistry. You have probably heard that it is painless, involves minimal tissue damage, and leads to fast healing. All these are true, but you should also know that laser dentistry doesn't solve all dental treatment complications. Here are some of the limitations of laser dentistry:

Cannot Be Used Around Some Fillings

One of the limitations of laser dentistry is that the techniques cannot be used around some dental fillings, specifically amalgam fillings. To understand why this is the case, you first need to understand that dental amalgam is a combination of the different metals silver, copper, tin, and mercury, with half of the compound being mercury. Unfortunately, mercury has a relatively low melting point, which means it can melt under the heat generated by the laser rays. If that happens, the amalgam filling will break down and the mercury will leak and poison you.

The Treatments Tend To Be Costly

Another problem with laser dentistry is that it relatively costlier than traditional dentistry techniques. This makes sense given that the use of laser in dental treatment is a relatively new invention. As such, the prices for the laser machines are still expensive, not all dental practices have the technology in place, and some dentists may need further training to handle the treatments.

It Has Some Accessibility Issues

Laser dentistry is not applicable in all cases because of its delivery method. The laser emitting instruments presently only emit laser at their tips. This means it's difficult to maneuver them within the oral cavity because only the tip of the instrument should point at the treatment site; don't forget that lasers travel in straight lines.

It Doesn't Eliminate the Need for Traditional Dental Instruments

You have probably heard the laser dentistry is good because the treatments aren't painful (therefore you don't need anesthesia with it), they involve minimal tissue damage, and they leave minimal scarring. In fact, these are the things that make ordinary people research or request laser dentistry for their dental issues. The only problem is that laser dentistry, as hinted above, is not applicable to all dental issues. Therefore, in a typical dental treatment, you may undergo treatments that involve laser dentistry and treatments that use traditional dental instruments (such as the dreaded drill). This means you may still need anesthesia or feel some discomfort.

As you can see, laser dentistry has a host of benefits, but the use of conventional dental instruments cannot be discounted. Let your dentist guide you on the best treatment solutions for your case. Contact a clinic, like Orange Door Dental Group, for more help.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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