Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

How Your Dentist Can Use Dental Bonding

You may have heard of dental bonding being used a cosmetic dentistry procedure, but not exactly sure how it can be used. Dental bonding can be used to effectively treat a few different problems with your teeth. This is due to the composite resin material that is designed to match the natural color of your teeth, which hardens and becomes an effective and strong material that can be safely used for eating. Here is what you need to know about the ways dental bonding can be used.

Hide Stains

Your teeth can be stained on top of the layer of dental enamel or below it. The stains found on top of the enamel are known as extrinsic stains, and they are caused by the roods and beverages you consume that wash over the teeth. It's possible to have these stains removed with a whitening procedure with relative ease.

However there are stains located beneath the protective layer of enamel, known as intrinsic stains. These stains are much harder to treat, and can be caused by something out of your control, like taking a medication that your body reacts poorly to.

The best way to fix intrinsic teeth stains is with dental bonding material. The goal is to cover the stains up with a material that blends in with your surrounding teeth, and fix a problem that teeth whitening cannot correct. Just be aware that bonding material can become stained from food and beverages, and the material can be cleaned during your regular dental cleanings.

Fix Cracks

A cracked tooth will leave you wondering how it can be fixed. Thankfully, bonding material can be used to build a tooth back up where the natural tooth now missing. This is a good solution for when the damage caused to the tooth is minimal, and it doesn't make sense to get a dental crown. Bonding can also be used to fix cracks when you are on a budget, and a dental crown is simply not affordable.

Adjust Imperfections

If you have anything that is off about the shape of your teeth, it's possible to use dental bonding to fix it. For instance, if you have a large gap between two teeth, you can use bonding material to close up the gap in a natural way. It is an alternative to using braces, which would require shifting all of the teeth to fill in a gap between your two front teeth.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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