Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

What You Need To Know About Medicaid And Vision Care For Your Child

Many children in low-income families rely on Medicaid to help cover the cost of basic healthcare expenses. Parents often understand that Medicaid can be used to access treatment from a family doctor, but overlook the fact that Medicaid also offers access to vision care for children.

Identifying and treating vision problems early can increase your child's chances of success in the future. Learn more about your child's rights when it comes to using Medicaid to help pay for vision care.

Annual Vision Screenings

Medicaid gives parents the opportunity to schedule annual well-child checkups for their children. These well-child checkups are designed to help identify any potential health risks early so that timely treatment can be administered.

Each of your child's checkups should include both a hearing and vision assessment. Each state works with hearing and vision specialists to set the standard for these assessments. Your family doctor can track any changes in vision over time, which gives your child the best chance at receiving the corrective care needed to maintain good vision.

In-Depth Vision Assessments

In the event that your family doctor suspects a vision problem in your child, Medicaid will cover more in-depth vision assessments to diagnose the cause of the problem. Your child may need to visit an ophthalmologist and undergo a series of tests to verify the health and development of his or her eyes.

The state will arrange for advanced treatment on the recommendation of your primary care doctor. Even though vision-related services are not covered under Medicaid for adults, the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment component of Medicaid requires that vision coverage be provided for all children enrolled in Medicaid programs.

Corrective Treatment

Once the cause of a vision problem has been identified, Medicaid will pay for any treatment necessary to correct the problem. Possible treatment options can range anywhere from prescription glasses to corrective surgery.

The initial procedure and any ongoing care required to maintain good vision will all be covered by Medicaid. You won't have to worry about paying for new lens prescriptions or annual eye health screenings in the future, which makes it much more affordable to address your child's vision problems over time.

Good vision is an essential element in your child's future success. Regular screening and early intervention for vision-related problems are made possible for your child through Medicaid insurance programs. Talk to your Medicaid representative for more information on accessing vision care for your child and CHP Vision plans.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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