Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

The Benefits Of Choosing Implants Over Dentures

Dentures are a traditional way of replacing missing teeth. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is still the best option available. In fact, many people find that the use of dental crown implants is a far better option than traditional dentures. This is because implants are able to provide several benefits that dentures simply cannot. You can learn more about these benefits below so that you can decide for yourself if implants may be the better option for your tooth replacement needs. 

Won't Result In Bone Loss

Traditional dentures sit on top of your gums and rely on adhesive to remain in place. Over time, this can wear away at both gum tissue as well as your underlying jaw bone. In addition to the potential for pain and discomfort, this can also result in the need for new dentures every few years in order to accommodate the changing contours of your gum line. Fortunately, this is not an issue with dental crown implants since they do not rely on the surface of your jawbone or gums to keep them in place. Instead, these implants are surgically placed inside of the jawbone which is then allowed to heal around the implant itself. As a result of this surgical implantation, you will never need to worry about suffering bone loss as a result of your tooth replacement needs. 

Highly Secure

Another benefit of dental implants surgically placed in your jawbone is the strength and stability they are able to provide. This benefit allows you to confidentially eat all of the foods you enjoy without worrying about whether your replacement teeth are up to the challenge. In fact, if your natural teeth are currently damaged or in a state of decay, you may even find that dental implants are able to provide more strength than your existing teeth. 

Natural Look & Feel

Dental implants offer a much more natural look and feel than dentures. This is because implants are structured in a way that actually mimics natural teeth. Just like your real teeth, these replacement teeth are anchored in your jaw bone and come up through your gums. A dental crown is then fashioned from a mold of your natural teeth to be used to cover the implant. In many cases, you will find that this makes it virtually impossible for people to tell the difference between your remaining natural teeth and the teeth you have had replaced using implants. Contact a dentist to learn more about dental crown implants

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

I love horses, and my family has kept them for years. One day, I was getting onto the saddle of my favorite horse, and I had a bad accident. My foot slipped as I was getting on her, and I fell. Thankfully, I didn't suffer any major injuries other than a tooth that was knocked out of my mouth. I had a great friend who helped me save it. She rinsed the tooth off in milk, and she had me hold it in my mouth after that until we arrived at the emergency dentist. He was able to stick it right back in! He placed a temporary splint in my mouth to keep the tooth in place until it healed. I am happy to say my tooth is perfect now! I created this blog let others know they can save a tooth that is knocked out if they act fast!

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