Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

4 Most Common Pediatric Dental Problems To Watch Out For

Parents are now more conscious of the oral problems their children may face courtesy of the ever-rising information on the internet. Dental health is now a top priority for most parents. As such, they book regular dental appointments for their kids. Unlike adult teeth, kids' teeth are still developing. Therefore, they are more susceptible to infection. Dental negligence in young children may lead to crooked teeth or bad breath. Although poor oral health is attributed to various reasons, as a parent, you might observe some of these common pediatric dental issues.

Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity causes discomfort when eating or drinking foods or drinks that too cold or hot. Generally, this can be because of the enamel wearing out, cracked or crooked teeth, gingivitis, permanent teeth growth, eating acidic foods, and orthodontic treatments. Luckily, this condition can be solved by the administration of pain treatments. In case of an underlying issue, the dentist will treat it. Therefore, urgently seek dental care if your child suffers from sensitive teeth.

Dental Decay or Cavities

Often, kids face difficulties in brushing their teeth. Consequently, they may need help cleaning some parts of their teeth properly. Toddlers also love eating candy. As a result, oral caries and tooth decay are the major pediatric dental issues today. Accumulation of plaque on the tooth results in tooth cavities. With this in mind, please make a point to educate your children on proper teeth brushing. Ensure your child brushes twice or so a day for good oral health. In case your child already has tooth decay, visit a children's dentist. Typically, the dentist will either fill the cavity or remove the tooth if it runs too deep.

Thumb Sucking

Young kids often suck their thumbs, which can be harmful if prolonged. As teeth develop, sucking the thumb might push these teeth out of line. It can also result in impaired speech and overbite. Generally, pediatric dentists offer counseling sessions to help children stop this habit. Introducing more ways for your child to self-soothe will also help them quit sucking their thumb.

Gum Disease          

Early-stage gum disease is also known as gingivitis. Generally, plaque build-up may cause swelling or bleeding of the gums. Ultimately, this results in gum recession. If this is not treated urgently, it could result in serious dental issues. Good teeth brushing and regular visits to the dentist can help fix the problem. 

These are some warning signs your child may be having dental issues. Therefore, ensure they properly brush their teeth and observe a healthy diet to avoid these. Moreover, regular pediatric dental visits will help save you money and your child's smile.

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Tips to Save a Tooth That is Knocked Out

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